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Following on from last months INSIGHT Editorial “The Solar Proposal” The team at Smart Energy has raised the bar with this state of the art Polaris Solar Hot Water 200 Lt. or 300 Lt. split tank system. DISCOUNT AVAILABLR

The Solar Hot water System acts more like a conventional pressurized boiler system with a equal hot and cold equal water pressure balance.

The Polaris Solar hot water Heater, with its high efficiency slim line roof  module  This highly compact Solar Hot water system offers the added advantage of not being affected by high saline or calcium water supplies. 





Why a SMART  Bioniser is

SO much better

Safe Pool And drinking water for All 

Smart Pool Systems aim for non-chemical solutions to your water problems in Bali, Indonesia

The safer solution to Chlorine or Salt water Chlorinators

The Bioniser Pool Purifying System uses a process is called ionization and is a proven method of water treatment having been created by NASA year00s ago

  • Bacteria free potable water.

  • Fully Digital Technology. Globally Approved.

  • Set and Forget Operation with Automatic Control for your Smart Bioniser & Pool Pump.

  • Chlorine Free and Natural.

  • Save Heaps on Costly Pool Chemicals and Pool Servicing 

  • No Corrosion To Pool Equipment and Surrounds.

  •  Water that is just Brilliant to Swim in

  • Non-Allergenic. Asthma and Eczema Friendly.

  • Kind to Skin, Eyes, Lungs and Costumes.


Have you ever dreamed of having your own supply of drinking water in Bali ??

 The Team at Smart Energy, have teamed up with SwissPro to provide a simple and elegant solution, without the use of chemicals or need of electricity.

 The SwissPro Slim. A compact stainless steel counter top module that connects directly either to your tap or inlet.

The Water Purification process is based on the two-in-one activated carbon/Silver impregnated ceramic cartridge.  


The SwissPro Smart. This compact three stage under counter water filter system, has a separate counter mounted faucet, for pure drinking water, food preparation and cooking.

 With 80 years experience, The SwissPro® provides you and your Family with up to 50,000 liters of safe, natural tasting drinking water whilst maintaining the level of essential, healthy minerals on just one set of cartridges.


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