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Hard water is a major problem in Bali. Not only does it stain your glass, wash basin and toilets, it also clogs and stains your taps and showers. More than just that, it eventually blocks your pipes, reduces the efficiency of water heaters and boilers.
Softening water (or preventing calcium buildup) not only reduces the need for costly cleaning chemicals, It will also reduce your laundry bills and extend the efficiency of any equipment that heats or cools water.

There are 3 basic systems available in Bali.

Salt water softener        (Click to view)  

The Ion exchange, Salt water softener, uses salt to change the chemical structure and draw out the

Calcium. Salt is placed in  a Brine tank, (25 kgs of salt per week average house) is siphoned into the

water. This water is then passed through a resin filter (Same type of tank as described above) which

removes a good proportion of the calcium. The filter is then back washed as above.

This is the standard domestic softener system used in Bali, with its draw backs being the ongoing cost and maintenance time of replacing the salt and quite high wastage rates. Often the water cannot be used on the garden.


Electronic Water Conditioners   (Click to view)         

A set and forget system. Here the water is modified by a controller (EMF induction) such that the

calcium (and other soluble matter) is dissolved out of suspension into solution. These minerals (not

visible to the naked eye) then just pass through the system without attaching themselves to the taps,

pipes or heating elements etc. The systems do not require any backwash and are actually capable of

reducing existing mineral build up, thus increasing energy savings and preventing bacterial growth

zones. Smart Energy has teamed up with the 2 foremost innovators in this field. Calclear and

Hydrosmart , offering significant gains in capability and capacity with full understanding of the systems

application and design parameters and a full service back up


Reverse Osmosis

In extreme circumstances, RO systems may be used. As stated earlier, these systems remove everything

from the water. Their main application is for the removal of salt, but in some circumstances they are the

preferred solution for removing calcium (Launderettes etc) or treatment of effluent or gray water. In

cases of brackish & sea water there are few alternatives, especially on an industrial scale.

RO systems do have their draw backs. They have a high initial cost, they require high electrical input

And have a high waste to supply percentage. In addition they produce low pH (acidic) dead water. This

water can be aggressive to your pipes taps and equipment and is not really suitable for drinking. (Dead

water leaches minerals from your body)

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