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(Chemical free water solutions)


  Introducing the SMART Kalc Electronic Water Conditioner and Water Softener.

(Now Available in Bali and Indonesia)

“The ultimate solution in scale treatment. A breakthrough in water treatment technology without a single dose of chemical or Salt!”

Smart Kalc is Ideal for Hotel and industrial application (Taps, Tiles, wash Basins, Toilets, shower heads, traditional and solar water heaters, Pools, Boilers, Evaporative Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Waste Water and Drill Equipment etc.), the system effectively de-scales equipment, prevents scale build-up and controls Algae and Bad Odor .


Electricity loss from scale build up       Calcium Build up. Before and After        calcium blocked taps and shower heads          

The Smart Kalc electronic water conditioner and water softener, is more than just a de-scaler, it's enhanced technology aids in the reduction of Salinity, Iron and other Mineral Ions. The Softener works by sending out computerized modulated signal which changes the electrical and physical properties of scale forming molecules.  This action stops any further build-up of scale by preventing molecules from adhering to themselves or any other surface.  The solubility of the water is also increased,  therefore existing scale is dissolved back into the water allowing existing scale to be gradually removed. Did you Know  2mm of scale on your heater element  can cost you 25% more on your hot water heating bill .. Now that is not Smart.


   Smart Kalc Benefits

  • Low Capital outlay. Does not need regeneration

  •  No need to monitor any parameters.

  •  Corrosion free since nothing is added to the water.

  •  Total elimination of chemicals.

  •   Guaranteed protection from scale.

  •   Virtually maintenance-free. Only needs regular flushing of the pipes and vessels


Smart Kalc Advantages

  • Low capital outlay.

  • Minimal fitting cost, time and space (no plumbing required). Can be removed in minutes.

  • Save Space. A fraction of the size of standard Salt water softeners,

  • Minimal running cost (Very low power usage).

  • Maintenance free – true “fit and forget system”.

  • No limitation on flow rate – the faster the flow,  the better it works.

  • Unaffected by water pressure,  antennae/cable wire is outside pipe work.

  • No downtime.  Equipment is being descaled  without  taking it out of service.

  • Smart Kalc Uses ‘NO’ chemicals and no Salt.

  • Environmentally friendly.




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