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Staying Green and Saving Dollars ..

 In the last few issues we have mainly discussed the environmental benefits and long term cost savings by using Polaris Solar Hot water heaters for domestic installations in Bali and Indonesia

 Smart Energy has just opened its Commercial division in Bali.

 No where can these benefits be realized more than in their application in commercial properties. Hotels, Villa’s, Factories, Schools Etc.

Solar Large scale project

Diagram Solar Water Heater


Large Scale Polaris Solar Hot water. 

In Bali's Hotels, for example, hot water heating statistically constitutes up to 30% of their energy consumption.  

Using and array of Solar Hot Water collector panels, the hot water can be pre heated prior to the conventional boiler saving up to 80% on heating costs throughout the year.

 One such project has been implemented in Bali last year and has already drastically reduced the Hotels power bill whilst giving it a “Green factor” marketing tool.


Commercial Heat pumps

An alternative method of producing large quantities of hot water is by use of a heat pump.

Heat pumps can save thousands of Dollars in comparison to existing electrical system by using approximately one quarter the energy of an electric water heater 

A heat pump is a little like a reverse refrigerator. It transfers the heat in the air outside of the unit to the water stored inside the heater through a heat exchange system.

Smart Energy is presently working on a combined cooling and heating cycle pump which it hopes to introduce into Bali, Indonesia some time later this year


Diagram Heat Pump Indonesia

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